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Ideas into Reality

Welcome To JT3D, Your One Stop Shop For

3D Printing, 3D Scanning, 3D Design & Reverse Engineering  

Serving Canada and USA


Our Services 

We offer on demand affordable rates to produce your models. Need rapid prototyping, limited run production or a single 3D print.   Contact us to get started.


Product Design to Functional Prototype

Great for reverse engineering or duplication of existing or legacy items,  digitizing almost any object into a usable mesh file that can be used in any design program  and be 3d printed.  Get a quote for 3d Scanning today.

Man Using Portable Scanner to Import 3D CAD Model of Complex Mechanical Part into Computer

Have an idea or a product that you want to develop, Reverse Engineer an existing item or make into a functional prototype, we can help.   Contact us to get started.

Custom Wood Signs

We make custom engraved wood signs for any occasion, business or personal.  We can help you create your own personalized sign.  We also have our own custom signs to choose from.  Get your Custom Sign Today.

Reverse Engineering, 3D Design for 3D Printing

Product Design to Functional Prototype

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