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3D Scanning

With 3D Scanning services form JT3D you can digitize almost anything into workable 3D CAD data.   3D scanning allows you to convert physical objects into precise digital models, enabling you to quickly and accurately capture your object's shape and geometries.  The output from a 3D scanner is a mesh of triangles representing the surface of an object at a real-world scale


We use portable 3D scanning systems that are non-destructive and can easily capture data on-site for reverse engineering applications. Our 3D scanning services will provide you with a workable mesh in a few formats such as STl, OBJ and 3Mf for simple reverse engineering and we can also assist you with any further needs with your 3D scanning's.

We offer in house or onsite 3D Scanning Services

We provide top-notch 3D scanning services through Ontario Canada that cater to a variety of needs, including 3D scanning for reverse engineering, automotive applications, and beyond. With our advanced equipment and expertise, we specialize in precise and detailed 3D scans for a multitude of purposes.


Our 3D scanning services in Ontario are particularly valuable for reverse engineering projects. Using state-of-the-art scanners, we capture highly accurate digital representations of physical objects, enabling you to recreate, modify, or optimize existing designs. Whether it's analyzing complex automotive components or vintage car parts, our 3D scanning for reverse engineering ensures that you have the necessary data to streamline your development process.


Speaking of automotive applications, our services capabilities extend to car bodies or car restorations. By employing cutting-edge scanning techniques, we can capture the intricate details of car exteriors or interiors, providing you with a digital replica of the vehicle's surface. This provides invaluable custom modifications, creating molds, 3D printed car parts or conducting accurate assessments for repairs or restorations.

We can efficiently and precisely assist you in transforming a tangible item into accurate digital 3D models.


You can then make use of our design service to make changes to the file, or we can generate 3D digital renderings for your exhibit.


When it comes to 3D Scanners, there is no universal solution that works for everyone. Therefore, it is advisable to identify your specific requirements .


Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation and determine which scanning method is best suited for your needs.

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Structured Light Scanning

3D Scanning Service JT3D

Three-dimensional scanners use a light pattern to project onto an object, which is then analyzed based on the reflections to determine its surface curvature and shape. These scanners are versatile, suitable for various applications, and pose no risks to human eyes.   Great for 3D Scanning your products and Reverse Engineering.

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Laser 3D Scanning

The process of using a laser to create a detailed digital model of an object or environment is called laser scanning.

These 3D scanners operate similarly to the Structured Light method, but instead of a widespread beam of light, they utilize lasers. While effective for precise engineering tasks and capturing intricate details, these scanners pose a potential danger to the human eye. Therefore, they must be used in a controlled environment.  Great for 3D Scanning Cars and Other large objects.

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3D Scanning Service JT3D
Reverse Engineering from your 3D Scan
3D Scan Reversed Engineered JT3D

Reverse Engineering refers to the process of deconstructing or dismantling an existing product to understand how it was designed, how it works or to recreate it. This process typically is time consuming by doing Manuel measurements and may require the disassembling the product. 


3D Scanning makes it easy by just simply scanning the object and converting it into a point cloud.   Next it can be converted into an STL and brought into CAD programs with accurate dimensions that an Designer can easily create an  CAD model and make any modifications.


 Reverse engineering cam be used in a verity of methods to complete the required goal

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