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Custom Engraved Wood Signs


 Our main focus with CNC Woodworking is to create Personalized, Customized Wood signs for you.  We primarily use Pine Wood, Plywood and MDF to create Rustic or Modern designs.   Click here to go to our online store.

If you have a  custom idea that you would like designs we will work with you to create that sign.  Please email us at with all the information you can, any examples you may have and included any questions as well.

Our Standard Pine Board Sizes:

Our standered Knotted Pine  Personalized Sign are 24" wide  x 7" Wide x 3/4" Deep

Larger Knotted Pine Sign are 24" wide  x 11" Wide x 3/4" Deep


Square Knotted Pine  Personalized Sign are 12" wide  x 11" Wide x 3/4" Deep

We offer custom sizes as well please contact us with your required size.

Wood Types in Stock:

Pine, Plywood & FDM.  If you are looking for other types of wood please contact us to see how we can help

Keyhole Hanger

All  signs come with standared keyhole for hanging  


Font Styles

Etsy Item Listing Photo copy (5).jpg

Wood Stains:

We carry a Varity of wood stains and paints to suit your needs 

↓Checkout out some of our most popular stain selection↓

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