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3D Scanning

With 3D Scanning services form JT3D you can digitize almost anything into workable 3D CAD data.   3D scanning allows you to convert physical objects into precise digital models, enabling you to quickly and accurately capture your object's shape and geometries.  The output from a 3D scanner is a mesh of triangles representing the surface of an object at a real-world scale


We use portable 3D scanning systems that are non-destructive and can easily capture data on-site for reverse engineering applications. Our 3D scanning services will provide you with a workable mesh in a few formats such as STl, OBJ and 3Mf for simple reverse engineering and we can also assist you with any further needs with your 3D scanning's.

We offer in house or onsite 3D Scanning Services

  Click here to get started 3D Scanning today.

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