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3D Printing Services

3D Printing with PLA

Most popular material used to build almost any object with good strength and features for a low cost.

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3D Printing with TPU

Highly versatile material for 3d printing unique properties that offers both superior performance and  flexibility. 

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Choose one of our 4 most popular types of 3D Printing, not sure what you need text us at 905-955-3876 so we can help you decided what will work best.

3D Printing with ABS

ABS is known for its toughness and impact resistance, allowing you to print durable parts that will hold up to extra usage and wear

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resin figures.jpg

3D Printing Resin with 

Resin allows you to print a model with fine details,  result tends to need far less post-processing work to give you a finished product. 

Get started 3D Printing with Resin Click Here

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