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3D printing an be used for allot of different application, here are some examples were it can be used:  medical, education, manufacturing, construction, art, clothing, jewelry, phone case, repair household items, prosthetics and orthotics, movie props, table top games, toys, automotive, functional end user parts and more.  You are only limited by your imagination. To find out more how 3d printing can help you click on the 3D Printing Service.  Click here to get 3D Printing

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3D scanning service

3D Scanning can help in a Varity of ways to catcher mesh data from physical objects and converting it to digital.  This gives accurate 3D measurements that can be used to design, prototype, revers engineer and more.  Here are some examples how 3D scanning is using:  scanning interior and exterior of cars to create after market parts and make modifications, scan art pieces to preserve a digital copy, scan body parts to create custom brace, a legacy part for a product that you can now produce.  The uses of 3D Scanning are almost endless.  Click here to get 3D Scanning 

3D Design & Prototyping gives you access to endless design possibilities and functional techniques  to conceptualize your ideas quickly.  There are also many advantages with this process over traditional ways but the most important ones are design flexibility, being able to design and prototype complex parts, simple process with functional prototypes, testing and iterations and most important saving time on money.  Click here to get started 3D Designing & Rapid Prototyping.

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